Stressless® Bay

Lean back

... and dine in comfort

Enjoy tableside luxury 

Stressless® Bay is a refined, luxurious dining chair with an elegant, enclosing design and organic, rounded shapes. The generous back height provides excellent support in any seating position, allowing you to lean back and dine in comfort and style.

Stressless Bay dining chairs and Stressless Veneto table
Woman in a Stressless® Bay dining chair

Enclosing design and curved shapes

Stressless® Bay is available with or without armrests. On the version with arms, the armrests are a natural part of the seat, continuing its curved shape.

Dine in comfort

The unique Stressless® dining chairs respond to your body’s movements.

Stressless Bay in fabric Calido Light Beige

Dine in perfect balance

The Balance&Glide™-system allows you to effortlessly recline the back of the chair as the seat moves forward in a coordinated movement. A subtle flexibility in the seat positions it perfectly as the back reclines and tilts the seat forward when you lean towards the table. When you lean towards the table, the seating position is elevated while relieving stress from the lower part of the thighs.

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Working from home

Stressless® Bay is compatible with all the available Dining chair leg designs. Choose steel legs for an airy, slim look or wood legs for a Nordic, solid appearance. It can also be combined with our Home Office base – transforming it into a stylish home office chair that blends in well with the rest of your interior.

Design your chair
A man sitting in a Stressless® Bay Home office in front of a consol table
The comfort innovation continues

Latest design news

As new designs continue to be created in the fjord landscape of Sykkylven, our vision remains unchanged: to create the most comfortable seating experience possible.


Stressless® Berlin

This recliner has a perfect balance of classic and more modern, slender design. You will discover unique features, creating that Stressless® comfort experience.
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Stressless® Anna

Lean back and allow your body to recharge. Our new power sofa Stressless® Anna offers zero-gravity feel for optimal restitution.
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Stressless® Bay

Refined, luxurious and elegant, our new Stressless® Bay dining chair will bring sheer elegance to your dining room.
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