Our goal

Our pledge to the environment is through furniture that spans generations. When you purchase Stressless® furniture, you choose quality that will serve you through a lifetime. We continuously thrive to improve the efficiency – any measure that enhances quality and reduces energy, time and wastage, is a step closer to creating superior furniture that endures.


Sustainable fabrics

At Stressless® we are proud caretakers of the beautiful scenery that surrounds the factory in Norway. We wholeheartedly believe the best choice you can make is to furnish your home with high quality furniture that will last a lifetime.

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Environmental and social responsibilities

Our certifications and memberships


Our Factories

Across 4 of our factories in Norway and 1 in the US, we are ISO 14001:2015 Environment Management certified! This means that we are managing the immediate and long term environmental impacts of our products and processes.


Our policy is to only source FSC or PEFC certified wood ensuring that all the wood used in our production is from sustainable sources. FSC shows that there is a focus on responsible forest management, protecting fragile ecosystems, respecting native cultures and more. PEFC certification confirms that the product is from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources.


The Leather Working Group is an international organisation made up of stakeholders across the leather supply chain, working to promote environmental best practice within leather manufacturing and related industries. We are committed to supporting sustainable leather manufacturing across the globe and that is why we are proud members of the LWG.

UN Global Compact

This is a voluntary scheme that we participate in which members commit to implementing ten principles in the areas of employees' rights, human rights, combating corruption, and sustainable production that protects the environment.

Product that lasts

Furniture from Stressless® is quality products that will accompany you throughout life. We choose our raw materials carefully to give the furniture a long shelf life. Choosing a high-quality product extends its service life and reduces environmental impact. This means that design is also important. With a focus on timeless furniture design, we create icons that last.

Our production

Our wooden offcuts are regenerated into heating our factory and any surplus heat is used for district heating for homes and the local outdoor pool. Even our simple efforts such as using recycled materials for packaging and using leftover foam for armrests and footrests are all contributing to make a difference. Our more complicated closed loop system allows us to clean the steel without releasing toxins and our use of water-based paints and lacquers have the same benefit.