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Besides  keeping a keen eye on the latest developments in trends, materials and  technology, the aim of Stressless® designers is always to refine our winning formula: A combination of aesthetics and functions that provides  the best looks and comfort available.

Scandi style

Nature and the elements have always been sources of inspiration for architecture, interior design and community in Scandinavian countries. Behind the simple designs, there often lies a wealth of details.
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Woman in Stressless Laurel Home Office chair

Coastal cottage

Step into a classic home by the sea where sunlight saturates every room and with water and sand at your doorstep. Large windows let you absorb the beautiful surroundings, and what better place than a recliner or sofa that allows you to lean back and relax in total comfort.
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Couple relaxing in Stressless Stella sofa

Modern noir

Dark wood floors, inky walls and full height curtains serve as a beautiful canvas when creating an intimate and poetic home with a dramatic and stylish atmosphere.
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Mountain lodge

In the countryside, open fields and undisturbed views allow you to connect to your own rhythm while observing the rhythm of nature outside your windows.
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Urban living

With the big city rushing outside, you will want to create an urban home that serves as a base for you to recharge, reconnect and completely relax. Culture and diversity meet in a metropolis.
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