Stressless® Outdoor Lean back ...and meet your loved ones

We love to enjoy summer to its fullest, through long days on the terrace or on the patio. And of course we crave the same level of comfort outside as we do inside. The Stressless® Outdoor line has  generous cushioning, in addition to adjustable seats and backs. The furniture is made from weatherproof materials. In a Stressless® Outdoor dining chair, time glides by - who knows, maybe the party lasts until sunrise?

Breeze fabric

Breeze is made from recycled polyester and polypropylene, where the fibers are dyed already while they are in liquid form. The color pigments are thus completely integrated into the fibres, which makes them more resistant to sun bleaching. The fabric is double woven. It increases wear resistance, reduces the risk of thread breakage, strengthens the seams and helps the cover to keep its shape.

Life of the party

The dining area wouldn't be complete without a solid and beautiful table. Our Stressless® Milos series gives you the choice between a square and a round table for outdoor use. The steel legs have a matte black coating which matches our outdoor chairs perfectly. The tabletop is made from weather resistand wood, stained in brown or black. 

Stressless® Outdoor tabletop

Sustainable treatment

The broad wooden planks are made from weather resistant Accoya, which has been processed without any toxins. The oil stain finish emphasizes the beautiful structure in the wood. We have given the tabletop a close-fitting frame in black steel, to enhance the durability and give it a stylish look. A protective layer of plastic makes sure the legs don't scratch the flooring.

Stressless® Outdoor cover

Protect your furniture

In order to prolong the life span of your furniture, we advice you to cover them up when they are not in use, or during rain. Even though we have selected materials that are resistant to sunlight, shifts in temperature, moist, dust and wind-borne particles, these external factors will always have a negative impact over time. We have tailored protective covers for the furniture in the Stressless® Outdoor series, making them easy to apply and remove.

A spot for dreaming

The patio is a spot for reenergizing and feeling inspired by your surroundings. Wheter it is big or small, glazed or open, it doesn't matter: The furniture in the Stressless® Outdoor line are space efficient and have a slim outline that fits in anywhere. That means you can furnish your private oasis with a comfort that was previously only available indoors.

Stressless® furniture

Build a beautiful home

For every room

Stressless® has furniture that fits in most rooms. The recognisable look is true to the Nordic design tradition and is based on well-thought-out combinations of natural materials and a durable product quality.

Living room

Your interior design has an impact on your sense of well-being, and on the mood of those around you. Whether it be playful, elegant or bold, there is a Stressless® sofa design that fits right into the atmosphere you want to create.
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Dining room

Have you ever found yourself wishing you could spend more time together as a family? The dining area is often the only meeting point in a busy schedule. It is also the place to enjoy the company of friends, old and new. A place to dine, converse and share memories.
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Home Office

Choose from our many designs and make your home office an enjoyable space by adding personal touches that inspire you. 
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