It’s time to relax.

We all need some personal space aside from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Simply putting your feet up and having some you time has an incredible effect on reducing everyday stress and letting you recharge. Crafting comfort since 1934 has taught us that comfort is a highly personal experience. Many of our recliners come in three different sizes, so you can find your perfect fit - that’s what sets Stressless® apart.

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It’s time to lean back.

When buying a new sofa, many people will begin with design, colour, fabric and size. Aesthetics are important to us too, but great design is so much more than what meets the eye. Stressless® furniture goes beyond surface looks. We focus just as much on the functionality and comfort. How you sit, how the sofa adjusts to you and the feeling of complete well-being. This is what makes the difference between a good seat and a fantastic one. To all our sofas you will find a matching Stressless® recliner to make your living room complete.

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An invitation to pure relaxation

Gentle curves, padded arms and a supple seat.

思特莱斯 白金汉 高背 三人位

in Paloma Copper and oak wood