Fotelj Stressless Aura (M) Signature

Zaradi ročne izdelave posameznih izdelkov, se lahko njihove dimenzije razlikujejo do 3 cm. 


Prenos kataloga

Visok in udoben ter ozkega sodobnega videza. Stressless Aura objame vaše telo od trenutka, ko se usedete. Ozek in eleganten dizajn z naslonom za hrbet in s sedežnimi blazinami, ki vas objamejo, ustvarja razburljiv in privlačen videz. Seveda ima tudi vse lastnosti udobja Stressless, ki bodo poskrbele za odlično izkušnjo Stressless v vsakem trenutku. Usnje sčasoma spremeni svoje značilnosti in pridobi patino, kar ustvari značilen in edinstven videz.

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Leather, fabric and wood

Your next Stressless chair or sofa comes in more than 140 vibrant colors! We provide four leather qualities and 14 fabric qualities to suit all your comfort and decorating needs. Our Stressless chairs with the characteristic hour glass base use European high-quality beech wood.

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Making it Better

Under the surface of supple leather and cozy fabric lies true engineering genius. From multifaceted sets of springs to foam that contours to your body, every aspect that goes into a piece of Stressless furniture is deliberately assembled to bring you an unparalleled seating experience. Understanding the science of comfort and movement fueled our innovative spirit and desire to design the most comfortable, unique furniture in the world.

Discover the secrets..

The unique cushioning in our Stressless recliners and sofas embraces and supports your body like nothing else. 40 years of innovation have brought us to a point where we wholeheartedly can say that our Stressless recliners and sofas are the best on the market. One reason why we can take such a bold stance is that the manufacturing of every little component on a Stressless takes place at our own factories, in the fjords of Norway.

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