Stressless Rome recliner and Stressless Copenhagen sofa

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Comfort recharging

Just like a human being, Stressless® furniture are a fine tuned instruments. They love movement and strives for the optimal balance between softness and support. That’s why recharging in Stressless® furniture is different – they speak the same language as your body.

Lean back for a new level of comfort

Your interior design has an impact on your sense of well-being, and on the mood of those around you. Whether it be playful, elegant or bold, there is a Stressless® design that fits right into the atmosphere you want to create. In addition, all Stressless® furniture can be customized to your choice of materials, colours and details.

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Innovators of comfort™

After taking a seat in a Stressless®, you may find yourself pondering: What makes it so much more comfortable? The main reason is the level of attention it pays to how your body works, through patented comfort technologies.

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Stressless® Home Office

A comfortable and stylish study

Whether it’s a dedicated room, a small study space or a nook in the dining room, it’s important to be comfortable when working at home. If you spend a lot of time seated working at a screen, then a well designed chair that actively encourages a good posture is a necessity.

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Add a personal touch

Select upholstery in leather or fabric. Stressless® furniture can be delivered in a huge array of covers. 5 leather qualities and 5 fabric qualities in more than 100 colours.

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Woman sitting on Stressless Ella sofa
Stressless® sofa

A vast variety of designs

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Stressless® Rome

A redefined sitting experience

Stressless® Rome is inspired by anatomical form and distinguished by the backrest that wraps around your body, the unique shape redefines comfort and aligns with modern interior design.

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Stressless® and sustainability

Our pledge to the environment is through furniture that spans generations. When you purchase Stressless® furniture, you choose quality that will serve you through a lifetime. We continuously thrive to improve the efficiency any measure that enhances quality and reduces energy, time and wastage, is a step closer to creating superior furniture that endures.

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Outdoor comfort

We love to enjoy summer to its fullest, through long days on the terrace or on the patio. And of course, we crave the same level of comfort outside as we do inside. The Stressless® Outdoor line has generous cushioning, in addition to adjustable seats and backs. The furniture is made from weatherproof materials. In a Stressless® Outdoor dining chair, time glides by who knows, maybe the party lasts until sunrise?

Stressless® Outdoor

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Find your style

Besides  keeping a keen eye on the latest developments in trends, materials and  technology, the aim of Stressless® designers is always to refine our winning formula: A combination of aesthetics and functions that provides  the best looks and comfort available.
Woman in Stressless Laurel Home Office chair

Coastal cottage

Step into a classic home by the sea where sunlight saturates every room and with water and sand at your doorstep. Large windows let you absorb the beautiful surroundings, and what better place than a recliner or sofa that allows you to lean back and relax in total comfort.
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Couple relaxing in Stressless Stella sofa

Modern noir

Dark wood floors, inky walls and full height curtains serve as a beautiful canvas when creating an intimate and poetic home with a dramatic and stylish atmosphere.
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Scandi style

Nature and the elements have always been sources of inspiration for architecture, interior design and community in Scandinavian countries. Behind the simple designs, there often lies a wealth of details.
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