Care and maintenance

Treat your furniture well and it will last even longer.

Stressless® care kits

The Stressless® Leather Care Kit (medium/large) contains a leather cleaner and protection cream. Stressless® Leather Care Wipes are also available

For maintenance and to make the leather more resistant to stains, the protective cream should be applied to all your recliner’s leather surfaces when new. We recommend that you clean the leather with Stressless® leather cleaner at least once every six months to keep your leather looking its best, removing stains regularly and ensuring long leather life. Always apply the protective cream after cleaning.

Precautions for leather furniture

• Leather, like any other natural material, can fade when exposed to direct sunlight over a long period of time. Noblesse, being one of our more natural leathers, is particularly sun-sensitive. Therefore, to minimize fading, avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight.
• To maintain the surface properties of the leather, we recommend that you keep a minimum distance of 1 foot between your furniture and any source of heat.
• Leather is not resistant to animals. Do not allow pets on your leather furniture. Their claws may scratch the leather, which can lead to an expensive repair. Their saliva is acidic and may also deteriorate the leather finish.
• In order to avoid stubborn stains, protect your leather when using household chemicals e.g. window cleaners, bleach, nail polish, nail polish remover, glue, shoe polish, paint, or corrosive materials. Avoid domestic detergents and ALL products containing solvents and oils, as they may destroy your leather surface. Do not use any traditional household products to remove stubborn stains. Many of these are harsh and cannot be guaranteed safe for use on leather. Do not use a steamer to clean the leather.
• Certain cosmetics and bodycare products contain solvents and oils. These products are not beneficial to leather, as they may weaken the leather finish over time. Avoid using your leather furniture with wet hair or with freshly applied haircare products or cosmetics. To avoid build-up of these products, please clean the leather regularly as described.
• Some of the leather dyes have a two-tone color effect (shadow/antique effect). Leather dyed with a two-tone effect may change character faster and wear more unevenly than leather with just one color. This applies in particular to areas of the furniture such as armrests, seat cushions and neck supports, which are exposed to harder wear.
• The top layer protects the leather and simplifies cleaning, but is nonetheless vulnerable to soiling and wear. If the top layer/top color is destroyed, the leather may deteriorate more quickly. Penetrating spills/damage/scratches are normally irreparable and may result in the top color changing character, cracking or peeling off.
• Denim clothes and hard textiles such as blue jeans expose the leather to strong wear and may leave color on the leather that is difficult to remove without risking destruction of the top color of the leather. Light leather colors in particular are vulnerable to such color contamination.

Maintenance advice:
• Maintain surface appearance and texture by gently wiping your leather once a week with a clean dry cloth, or vacuum with a soft brush. This will remove dust.
• We recommend that your leather furniture is cleaned and re-protected at least every six months.