Stressless® FAQ

How do I take care of the leather on my Stressless product?

The leather on your chair is a natural material and must be cleaned and conditioned in order to preserve that soft feeling and beautiful look for years to come.Stressless has specially formulated a Leather Care kit that we highly recommend all customers purchase in order to keep their leather well maintained. Our Leather Care kits are only sold by an authorized Stressless retailer.There is one leather kit for our Batick, Cori, Paloma, and Noblesse leathers.  There is a separate leather care kit for our Pioneer leather.


What are the weight limits on Stressless recliners?

The Classic, Signature, Star, Office and Moon base recliners have been tested up to 287 pounds.


How do I order small replacement parts/hardware for my Stressless products?

Select small parts are available for Stressless models produced within the past 10-15 years. Please email your mailing address, product name, age of product and part(s) being requested along with a photo of the part. Only small parts that Stressless ships at no charge to the consumer can be requested at the above email. Repair information & product parts can be viewed under services/owners-toolbox on the homepage of the website. 


How do I order replacement parts for my Stressless products?

Select replacement parts are available for Stressless models produced with in the past 10-15 years, including Stressless Sofa Glides. Please visit an authorized Stressless retailer to discuss availability and pricing of replacement parts. We ask that you provide the retailer with a copy of your original receipt and/or a photo of the production label from your products. Stressless does not sell directly to the consumer.  All products, parts and accessories must be purchased through an authorized Stressless retailer.  Repair information & product parts can be viewed under services/owners-toolbox on the home page of the website. 


What is the warranty on Stressless products?

10 Year Warranty on Internal Mechanism

5 year Warranty on Base, Foam and Power Motor/Mechanisms

2 Year Warranty on Power Batteries

1 Year Warranty on Leather or Fabric Upholstery

This warranty only protects you (and is only valid) when you purchase a Stressless® product from one of our authorized Stressless® retailers and can provide your original sales receipt.

For additional warranty information please see warranty registration on the website.


Why is my dealer charging me $100 to replace a seat core?

Our Factory warranty does not cover labor/installation charges. Terms of our warranty can be viewed under warranty registration on the website.


I bought my sofa 12 years ago and the leather is cracking and peeling, where can I get new covers?

Select replacement parts can be purchased from an authorized Stressless retailer, casing/cover only is not an available option – a complete core with cover would need to be purchased if available.

Where I can find pricing for Stressless products?

If it is product pricing you are looking for, one of our fine retailers will be more than happy to work with you.  Pricing is not available on the Stressless website. To find a local retailer in your area simply type in your zip or postal code on the website under dealer locator.



How do I get parts for my product that are covered under the Stressless warranty?


To file a warranty claim if applicable, please contact your selling Stressless retailer.  If the retailer is no longer in business or you have relocated, any authorized Stressless retailer should be able to assist you with your warranty claim when you provide your original sales receipt.  Please note Stressless cannot act on a warranty issue until a claim is filed by a Stressless retailer. 

For additional warranty information please see warranty registration on the website.

How do I get an update on my Stressless order?

Please contact your selling Stressless retailer for all updates on your product order.  Your Stressless retailer is the only one that can assist you with order information.

Where do I find measurements for Stressless products on the website?

Select the product that interests you. Once that product displays then click on product sheet for measurements.  You can also find this information by downloading the Stressless catalog from the website.


I purchased an office chair from a Stressless retailer and it’s not staying in the raised position.

Stressless can email you a recommended fix, please fill out the “contact Stressless form” and request the recommended fix for office chair. If this fix does not work, please contact an authorized Stressless Retailer for pricing on a replacement gas lift. The base for our Stressless office recliner is under factory warranty for 5 years.


Are Stressless products available in any material other than leather?

Stressless recliners are available in an ultra-microfiber textile called Dinamica.

Stressless sofas and dining chairs shipping from our NC facility are available in Dinamica and Ultrasuede.