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Like a warm embrace

The Stressless® Reno has been among the company’s top sellers for close to three decades. What’s the secret behind its success?


The Stressless® Reno was launched in 1996, and has since been one of the all-time favourites in the range of recliners from Ekornes. What is it about this recliner that attracts customers year after year, while others go in and out of style? To find out, we had a chat with the designer, Anne Guri Ekornes Unhjem.


What were your inspirations when developing the original Reno design? 


Well, in spite of being a Norwegian, I’m really frosty. So I wanted to make a recliner that was plush and gave me the feeling of a warm embrace when sitting down. Think of a warm nest, or a cosy nook. Also, this was the nineties, when big puffer jackets were in fashion – quite like today. That might have given me a few design clues! 

Comfort at a glance 

Any thoughts on why it has become such a massive hit? 


I think that you can tell with a glance that this is a chair that is built to be super comfortable. Design-wise, it doesn’t stand out in any particular way. It is quite neutral, and as such, it fits into many interiors. The fact that you can choose between several bases that can give it a more distinct look, contributes to its longevity. 


Another reason for the popularity of the Stressless® Reno is of course that it is designed to provide maximum comfort and support to the user. It features a Glide system that allows the chair to move with the user's body, providing optimal comfort and support for the back and neck. The chair also comes with a height adjustable headrest and a built-in lumbar support system that helps to reduce strain on the lower back and improve posture.


Changing a winning team 

In 2023, the Stressless® Reno is one of the first recliners to go through the Comfort Upgrade, meaning it gets a subtle design refresh and even higher levels of comfort. Anne Guri Ekornes Unhjem has been an important part of the process. 


Did you ever worry about changing what has proven to be such a successful design? 


Let’s just say I was very determined to hold on to its inviting looks. Overall, the process has been a tremendous success. It was hard to imagine how this classic could get any more comfortable, but it definitely has, says Anne Guri Ekornes Unhjem. 



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Like a warm embrace

The Stressless® Reno has been among the company’s top sellers for close to three decades.


What’s the secret behind its success?

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