Urban comfort: Live. Love. Enjoy!

Live. Love. Enjoy!

You love movement. To always be moving. Impressions, friends, new acquaintances. It suits you. Life in the fast lane is highly appealing. It's you. What's happening? What's new? Where's the place to be? In the center, of course. To know the rhythm. Knowing life - and knowing you are living it. Just the way you want.

Stressless Urban comfort - holiday

Comfort, Quality and Design

Aesthetics aren't just befitting for the eye. They don't change according to the circumstances. Real aesthetics last. They can withstand the ravages of time. You see, feel and sense it. Real aesthetics dare to be unique. That's good design.

What catches the eye

Some things just stand out. You like it. Perhaps you want it? We are all different; some have a thing for the sweet – while others prefer the salty. Good design is something that catches your eye. That’s why we put our entire soul into every piece of furniture we produce. Everyone deserves sublime comfort and perfect quality! After all, this could be the piece of furniture that catches your eye!

Stressless Metro High back Paloma Petrol

Recliner Stressless® Metro high back

Leather Cori Petrol

Some emotions cannot be described - they just have to be experienced

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