Stressless® Rome Recliners

Stressless® Rome

Introducing a new kind of comfort in all positions

The days when a recliner was stuffed away in the corner are over. Today, it is often the centrepiece of the living room. That means that it has to look elegant from every angle. The graceful, organic lines of the Stressless® Rome  embody this new age.

A complete product line

Stressless® Rome is introduced as a complete product line with multiple options for personalisation. There are three back options; low, adjustable and high, which changes both the look and feel of the recliner. All back options can be combined with each of the four base options. Adding to this is a multitude of cover qualities and colours that allow you to create the recliner that best suits your needs and your home.
Woman relaxing in Stressless Rome

Lean back ... and recharge

The feeling of well-being stems from the perfect balance of activity and rest. With Stressless® Rome and its comfort features, it has never been easier to lean back and recharge. The recliner dynamically adapts to even the smallest movements of the body while providing just the right amount of support. This keeps you nimble during those well-deserved laid-back hours.

Smile and be playful

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Stressless® recliner without unique functionality. This time, we created a new seat design and a broader back, which provides ample space and easily accustoms itself to your favourite sitting positions – even the ones that are not centred. For years customer feedback has been that they like to sit in their recliners in a variety of different ways. Some say a Stressless® recliner is as comfortable sideways as it is upright. Our solution is a unique recliner designed for playfulness.

Legendary lumbar support

A new aesthetic, but rest assured that the Stressless® comfort remains the same. The trustworthy backrest is there to support you, as always. That is another lesson we have learned from our customers. The one-of-a-kind head and lumbar support on a Stressless® recliner is just not something you experiment with. You just refine it – as we did in the Stressless® Rome. Also, the backrest comes in three different heights to adjust to your style and liking.

Home office

Modern life has upped our expectations for aesthetics and comfort in our home furniture. The same applies to life at the office. Today, we experience a more fluid definition of what and where work is. As a result, we are more conscious of just how many hours we spend sitting at work – and the importance of good ergonomics. Working from a Stressless® recliner keeps you both agile and supported during those long hours. The Stressless® Rome can be fitted with a home office wheel base, and it is ready to carry you through the day – wherever your next office may be.

Man sitting in Rome Home Office recliner

A touch of history

A proud line of heritage stretches from the introduction of our first recliner in 1971 to the launch of Stressless® Rome more than half a century later. Our winning formula remains the same: The Stressless® brand has always respected the seated body’s need for rest, movement and support. And in line with the design language of previous decades,  Stressless® Rome has a timeless visual quality. It is quite literally built to last.

Our pledge to the environment is to create furniture that spans generations.

When you purchase Stressless® furniture, you choose quality that will serve you throughout a lifetime. We continuously strive to improve efficiency, believing that any measure that enhances quality while reducing energy, time and wastage during production is a step closer to creating superior furniture that endures.

Man relaxing in Stressless Rome