Stressless® interior style: Coastal cottage

Coastal cottage

Step into a classic home by the sea with water and sand at your doorstep – where sunlight saturates every room. Large windows let you absorb the beautiful surroundings, and from what better place than a recliner or sofa that allows you to lean back and relax in total comfort? Open the doors and take in the calming sounds of the wind and the ocean. Sit down and feel the unique comfort that Stressless® provides. Simply be and enjoy the scenery and nature around you.

When you live close to water, you just know that light is changing. In the morning it’s bright and crisp, and in the evening it’s warm and comforting. Use this knowledge to create different relaxing spots throughout your home. Decorate the room where the morning sun floods in with a recliner or sofa that allows you to fully take in the morning, becoming energised and opening up to a new day. In the room where the evening light is dominant, you can create a relaxing spot that allows you to unwind, release the stress of the day and recharge in total Stressless® comfort.

With the bright light flowing, furniture is kept in natural tones that match the muted colours of the surrounding sand, stones, shells and foliage. Wooden frames and tables invite nature inside while the tactile texture of the upholstery adds a soft, tactile feeling to the furniture. Choose your home office chair and desk in natural colours and materials. Bring in the sense of calmness that nature provides.


The kitchen is a natural centre point for family life and gatherings. The birch wood chairs and light textiles in the dining room underpin the bright and airy atmosphere. In surroundings like these, it is a pleasure to spend time with family and friends – or even just enjoy your own company while immersed in a good book.
The classic design of the Stressless® sofas and recliners works well in homes with bright and airy rooms. The curves are gentle and soft like the dunes outside – a subtle detail that makes the interior become an extension of the exterior. These organic shapes are not only pleasing to the eye, but also to the body, as every inch of padding is designed to offer you the best possible comfort.

With Stressless®, you can bring natural colours, comfort, materials and lifestyle elements into your home. Stressless® gives you the freedom to build your personal recliner, sofa or dining-room furniture. You can express your sense of detail and the joy of togetherness in a way that is unique to you. Well-being and a laid-back lifestyle naturally go hand in hand, so why not enjoy both in your everyday life?
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Besides  keeping a keen eye on the latest developments in trends, materials and  technology, Stressless® designers always aim to refine our winning formula: A combination of aesthetics and functionality that provides  the best looks and comfort available.

Coastal cottage

Step into a classic home by the sea with water and sand at your doorstep where sunlight saturates every room. Large windows let you take in the beautiful surroundings – and from what better place than a recliner or sofa that allows you to lean back and relax in total comfort?
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Modern noir

Dark wood floors, inky walls and full-height curtains serve as a beautiful canvas when creating an intimate and poetic home with a dramatic and stylish atmosphere.
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Urban living

With the big city rushing outside, you will want to create an urban home that serves as a base for you to recharge, reconnect and completely relax. Culture and diversity meet in a metropolis.
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Scandi style

In Scandinavia, nature and the elements have always been sources of inspiration for architecture, interior design and community. Behind the simple designs, there often lies a wealth of details.
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Mountain lodge

In the countryside, open fields and undisturbed views allow you to connect to your own rhythm while observing the rhythm of nature outside your windows.
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