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FAQ online sales

1 Delivery: 
  1.1 Where do we deliver to? 
  1.2 Choose a desired Delivery date 
  1.3 Delivery Costs: 
  1.4 Delivery process: 
  1.4.1 Small items: 
  1.4.2 Furniture: 
  1.5 Delivery Attempts/Not at home 
    1.5.1 Small items 
    1.5.2 Furniture 
  1.6 Where do I see the delivery status? 
  1.7 Can I change the delivery address? 
  1.8 Issues with the delivery process 
    1.8.1 No Order Confirmation? 
    1.8.2 No call from Logistics service provider to discuss delivery date? 
2 Returns: 
  2.1 Returns Process: 
    2.1.1 For small items: 
    2.1.2 For furniture: 
  2.2 Returns Address: 
  2.3 Returns Costs 
    2.3.1 For small items 
    2.3.2 For furniture: 
3 How do I reach Customer Services? 
  3.1 Opening hours 
  3.2 Telephone 
  3.3 Email: 
4 My order is incomplete? 
5 What should I do if the product is damaged? 
6 How do I cancel my order? 

1 Delivery

1.1 Where do we deliver to?
• No post boxes, only private addresses
1.2 Choosing a delivery date
You can choose a preferred delivery date. Please see details below in section 1.4.
1.3 Delivery Costs
• All orders above are delivered free of charge. For charges in regards of returns please see our returns policy.
1.4 Delivery process
• We will deliver the furniture to your delivery address.
• We aim to deliver all orders within 10 working days, unless specified differently on the website, after the order has been placed.
• Via the track and trace link you will receive from our delivery partner you can choose and change the delivery date and time. Pls notice changes to delivery date and time must be done 1 day prior last date mentioned.
In summary, the process is as follows:
1. You place your order
2. You receive an Order Confirmation
3. You receive an email or SMS from our delivery partner
4. You receive a dispatch notification
5. Actual delivery
1.5 Delivery Attempts/Not at home
For your convenience the tracking link send from the delivery partner allows you to change the date and time of your delivery up to 1 day prior the initial agreed delivery date.
1.6  Where do I see the delivery status?
Our delivery partner will provide you with track and trace information by e-mail, phone or SMS.
1.7 Issues with the delivery process
1.7.1 I haven’t received my order confirmation? 
If you haven’t received an order confirmation by the next business day, please contact customer services on 0207 462 0440.
2 Returns:
2.1 Returns Process
2.1.1 For small items
• Please contact customer services on 0207 462 0440. 
• Please fill out the returns form that was sent with your invoice via email and send it back via email to: 
• You can choose the method of return and shipping partner at reasonable cost.
• All items are to be returned to the return address mentioned below
2.1.2 For furniture
• Please contact customer services 0207 462 0440.
• Please fill out the returns form that was sent with your invoice via email and send it back via email to:
• Customer services will contact the logistics service provider
• The logistics service provider will contact you to agree upon a pick-up timeslot
2.2 Returns Address
Ekornes AS
Industrivegen 1,
6222 Ikornnes
2.3 Returns Costs
For all claims, Stressless covers the returns costs. For any cancelation or cancellation of order the returns costs are covered by you. Please check the Terms and Conditions to see all your legal rights.
2.3.1 For small items
Costs dependent on the logistics service provider you choose. For any claims, Ekornes will cover the return costs.
2.3.2 For furniture:
The return price is £100. This will be deducted from your refund.

3 How do I reach Customer Services?

Opening hours
Monday – Friday: 10.0. – 16.00
Weekend: closed
Free call from landline: 0207 462 0440.
Prices from mobile phones might vary.

4 My order is incomplete?

Please contact customer services on 0207 462 0440.

5 What should I do if the product is damaged?

If the product arrives and is not in the condition expected please contact customer services on 0207 462 0440 to discuss the best way to proceed. You of course have all the legal rights as described in the Terms and Conditions.


6 How do I cancel my order?

Please follow the returns process and start by calling customer services on 0207 462 0440.