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Stressless® Anna

Lean back

... and experience elegant power

Meet our race car Stressless® Anna: A motorized sofa with a more streamlined, lighter exterior. It has the same amount of horsepower under the hood as our other Power sofas. The design is definitely up to speed, with a modern look that sits well alongside the new Stressless® Berlin. A large range of modules are available, making it easy to tailor the perfect setup for living rooms all over the world.

Lean back and put your feet up

With the Stressless® Anna sofa, you will have full freedom to select Power and manual modules side by side. When the motorised function is selected, a footrest smoothly extends under your feet as the back reclines. The motorized headrest follows, and provides you with the optimal position for relaxation with your feet up. On the manual seat, you can regulate the position of the headrest with your hands. With the headrest in a collapsed position, the sofa appears visually smaller. In the raised position it offers good head support and transforms a low-back sofa into a high-back.

Armrest choise

Tailored to your home

Three different armrests are available, to cater to different tastes and needs. The wooden armrest will appeal to all lovers of Nordic design, while the classic leather armrest will fit into any interior.

Stressless® Anna Arm A1

Stressless® Anna Arm A2

Stressless® Anna Arm A3

Stressless® produkt configurator

It's time to create

Play around with colors and materials to add your personal taste.

Our pledge to the environment is through furniture that spans generations.

When you purchase Stressless® furniture, you choose quality that will serve you through a lifetime. We continuously thrive to improve the efficiency – any measure that enhances quality and reduces energy, time and wastage, is a step closer to creating superior furniture that endures.