Lean back and discover the evolution of comfort


The comfort upgrade

Since their debut in 1971, Stressless® recliners have continuously been refined. The goal has always been excellent comfort. This year, evolution takes a big leap with the introduction of The Stressless® Comfort Upgrade Program. Enhanced comfort, back support and more ergonomic seats. The best just got even better.

The comfort story

Meet the designer

Changing some of our best-selling recliners seemed like a daunting task, but it soon turned out to be very rewarding. 'The possibilities in manufacturing and design are expanding every year, making it possible to implement ideas that we never could have imagined when these recliners were first born,' says Anne Guri Unhjem, who designed the iconic Stressless® Reno recliner in 1996. The original was actually inspired by her winter jacket – a warm, hugging design with true comfort.

The secret behind evolutionary comfort  


Redesigned models with upgraded comfort

At Stressless®, we wholeheartedly believe the best choice you can make is to furnish your home with high-quality furniture that will last a lifetime. In addition to this, we are delighted to offer products that are made with an extra focus on the environment and sustainability – both in our choice of materials and in our production.

Stressless® Reno

After 25 years as one of our best-selling designs, the Stressless® recliner is up for a comfort upgrade.
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Stressless® Ruby

One of the world’s most comfortable seating experiences has taken a new leap towards perfection.
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Stressless® Sunrise

With an ergonomic overhaul, the best recliner just even got better!

10-year guarantee

Every piece of furniture from Stressless® is a quality product that will accompany you throughout your life. We carefully choose our raw materials to give our furniture a long life. Choosing a high-quality products extends their service life while reducing their environmental impact. This means that design is also important. With a focus on timeless furniture design, we create icons that last. Therefore, we offer a 10-year guarantee on all Stressless® products.

Woman laying in a Stressless recliner, close up

A new level of comfort

For more than 50 years, Stressless® has developed comfortable designs and features based on insights into human anatomy and people’s everyday lives. Read about how we have upgraded some of our best-selling recliners for a new era in comfort.

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