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When choosing new furniture, there are many things to consider. The best configuration for your living space. The material, color and finishing touches to complement your interior. But great design is so much more than what meets the eye. It is beneath the surface of Stressless® furniture where the real magic happens. We focus just as much on functionality and comfort.

Feel how the sofas and recliners respond and adjust to your body.

How they support you in every position. We have spent years perfecting our designs to bring you furniture that your room will love. Your body and mind will thank you for years to come.

Stressless Emily sofa

To complete the seating area, we suggest that you combine products from the different Stressless® product categories. The large selection of upholstery, wood finishes and steel details allows you to put together a combination that matches your interior design.

The powernap, reinvented

Ever since our first Stressless® recliner came to market in 1971, the Stressless® brand has been associated with comfort, quality and innovation. Today, we take this commitment one step further and are delighted to offer some of our most iconic recliners and sofas with our patented motorized systems.

Motorized sofas and recliners

All great choices, naturally

Your perfect Stressless® home is only complete when you have catered to your personal taste and individual needs. After all, it is your home. That’s why our dining chairs, home office chairs, sofas and recliners come in a large range of leather and fabrics – and a broad selection of armrests and bases.

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Stressless® furniture

Build a beautiful home

For every room

Stressless® has furniture that fits in most rooms. The recognizable look is true to the Nordic design tradition and is based on well-thought-out combinations of natural materials and durable quality.

Living room

Your interior design has an impact on your sense of well-being and on the mood of those around you. Whether it is playful, elegant or bold, there is a Stressless® sofa design that fits right into the atmosphere you want to create.
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Dining room

Have you ever found yourself wishing you could spend more time together as a family? The dining area is often the only meeting point during busy schedules. It is also the place to enjoy the company of friends, old and new. A place to dine, converse and share memories.
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Home Office

Choose from our many designs and make your home office an enjoyable space by adding personal touches that inspire you. 
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See your new furniture with the Stressless @home app

See your new Stressless® furniture in your living room, kitchen or home office using the camera on your mobile phone or tablet. The app contains all Stressless® chairs and sofas – and lets you change the material, color and base.

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