Comfort takes shape.

Inspired engineering, trend forecasting and industry experience are the secret to creating luxurious furniture people are proud to own. As the “Innovators of Comfort,” we are masters of the comfort needs of the human body and continue to develop the most intuitive and beautiful comfort technology.

We earned this title through 80 years of industry experience –from developing classic pieces to trend forecasting to find the next beautiful design, we truly grasp what makes furniture part of a lifestyle.

Such innovation fueled the development of our newest collections with a fresh approach to the Stressless style – Stressless City and Stressless  Metro – showcasing our understanding of global design trends. These collections are an example of the standards we hold our furniture to and why our product development process, while extensive, is crucial to the design of our elegant furniture that understands your body’s unique comfort preferences.

We begin with our experienced comfort engineers becoming students of style. They take inspiration from all types of design from fashion and color to technology and architecture to develop extraordinary furniture. The key to this innovative spirit is understanding how these trends influence our lifestyle.  A beautiful gown on the runway in Milan can influence a new color of leather or fabric. A new style of décor can completely alter the design of a couch. The architecture of a bridge can change how we design the curve of a new furniture line.  Constant awareness and openness to these trends make our designs far more distinctive than just something contrived in a factory.

We believe that a great idea can come from anywhere and, therefore, encourage our employees to be part of a company that creates. With designers exclusive to Ekornes, we can ensure that our employees are devoted to our mission and develop designs that are entirely ours. But how can we ensure that our designs are successful?

The design process pends entirely on the approval of our product council – a group comprised of managers, marketing executives and product developers. The product council guarantees each piece brought to market is worthy of the Stressless name.  Fifteen full-time designers and product developers work to create the most attractive and functionally comfortable furniture in the industry.  Beginning with around 500 design ideas, the pool is then narrowed to 100 to 200 products to be considered by the council. After three rounds of review and feedback from the council, one to 10 designs advance for further prototype development – a process that can take up to four years.

As you can imagine, this process is quite difficult for everyone involved, but is in the best interest of the customer. Many beautiful designs never make their way to market, but our understanding of trends, comfort and design guarantee that the designs that do are the best – something that can only be fully experienced once you test a chair for yourself.

You feel immediately connected to our company’s outstanding heritage and design process when sitting in a Stressless chair.  Our products are much more than pieces of furniture – they are investments in your home; investments in your comfort. Lay back in a Stressless recliner and experience the complete oneness with the piece of furniture – a feeling of effortless support. Feel how the Plus™ system embraces your back and neck and how the Stressless Glide system reads your body to understand your optimal level of comfort. Every aspect of our furniture cohesively works together, making the Stressless name powerful.

For us, this level of design is simply our standard. Our mission is to develop the most comfortable seating in the world. To do this, we always stay a step ahead. Currently, we are designing for 2015 and beyond. Our trend anticipation and innovative drive enable us to continue learning and creating beautiful furniture to last a lifetime.