Stressless® David

Lean back

and experience Nordic comfort

Truly Versatile

Stressless® David is a versatile recliner with a lot of character: Soft, yet neat, with a distinctive pattern in the back. The combination of Flexo-springs, ComfortZones™ and multiple layers of soft foam is your guarantee for the ultimate comfort experience.
We all come in different shapes and sizes, and our tastes in interior design differ. That's why the Stressless® David comes in three different size options: Small, Medium and Large. The choice of bases also let you adapt the recliner to both modern and traditional interiors.
The Stressless® David can also be fitted with a home office wheel base, ready to carry you through the day – wherever your next office may be.

Experience Nordic comfort

Stressless® David features the unique Plus™ system, giving you maximum comfort and support for your neck and lumbar region, regardless of whether you’re sitting or lying down. The sleep function is activated with a simple hand movement, making your moments of comfort even better. Sleep tight.