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Luxurious comfort in motorised recliners

The Stressless® Sam and Stressless® Scott recliners have motorized functions and a fully integrated leg support. Depth comfort is created through the ergonomic design of the seat and back, which features flexible springs covered in layers of high resilient foam and fibre. The Plus™-system ensures perfect support for the neck and lower back in all positions. The recliners come in different design options and with a base that can be rotated 360°.

Comfort at your fingertips

Stressless® Scott and Stressless® Sam come with three motors, all individually operated by a slim and stylish remote control that attaches to the chair armrest by magnet. For the remote control to work optimally, it may be necessary to reset it from time to time. Watch the video to learn how to reset the remote control

Massage and heating

If you want to indulge in extra comfort you can opt for heating in the seat and back, or heating combined with a light massage. The heat and massage functions are automatically switched off 10 minutes after activation. For the chairs to maintain their comfort, we recommend that you stay in the chair until the air pockets have completely emptied. Remember that you must wait 15 minutes between each activation of the massage function.

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Design, comfort and technology

Both Stressless® Sam and Stressless® Scott combine the ultimate technology and comfort with elegant design. Modern shapes and cushioning are enhanced by precise stitching. Stressless® Sam and Stressless® Scott recliners are available in all qualities of Stressless® leather and fabric. They are available with two bases, Disc and Sirius, in different materials and colours. The Stressless® Sam Wood model has a wooden trim under the armrests, enhancing its natural Scandinavian style.

Do you want a motorized chair without wires?

The motorised versions without heating and massage are available with battery. Follow the link below to find out how to install a battery.

Sam and Scott userguide