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Stressless® Berlin

Lean back

...and experience Nordic comfort

The design has a retro vibe that has withstood the rest of time for decades, while the sleek outline gives it a modern edge. On the inside, you will find all the classic Stressless® comfort technology.

Stressless® Berlin comes in a high back version with an adjustable neck pillow, a low back version, and a version with a height adjustable headrest. Notice the double sticthing that makes it an ideal companion for the Stressless® Anna sofa.

Lean back ... and recharge

The feeling of well-being originates from just the right balance between activity and rest. With Stressless® Rome and its comfort features, it has never been easier to lean back and recharge. The recliner dynamically adapts to even the smallest movements of the body while providing just the right amount of support. This keeps you nimble during those well-deserved laid-back hours.

Working from home

When you are working from a Stressless® recliner keeps you both agile and supported during those long hours. The Stressless® Berlin can be fitted with a home office wheel base, and is ready to carry you through the day – wherever your next office may be.

Add a personal touch

Select upholstery in leather or fabric. Stressless® furniture can be delivered in a huge array of covers. 5 leather qualities and 5 fabric qualities in more than 100 colours.

Our pledge to the environment is through furniture that spans generations.

When you purchase Stressless® furniture, you choose quality that will serve you through a lifetime. We continuously thrive to improve the efficiency – any measure that enhances quality and reduces energy, time and wastage, is a step closer to creating superior furniture that endures.

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The comfort innovation continues

Latest design news

As new designs continue to be created in the fjord landscape of Sykkylven, our vision remains unchanged: to create the most comfortable seating experience possible.


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Stresless® Berlin

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