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Modern noir 

Dark wood floors, inky walls and full-height curtains serve as a beautiful canvas when creating an intimate and poetic home with a dramatic and stylish atmosphere. When surrounded by colours like dark brown, plum, grey and black, you instantly feel embraced, relaxed and peaceful. Emphasise this feeling with a Stressless® sofa or recliner that allows you to relax in total comfort.
Close off the outside world by drawing the curtains when it’s time to relax and recharge. We all need time to reflect and just be, and a Stressless® recliner is like a warm hug for the soul. As you sink into the padding, you can feel how the design supports your entire body so you can fully relax. The sofas also invite you to curl up and enjoy a good book, a wonderful film or the company of your loved ones. Go with natural colours and materials like leather, wool and steel that work beautifully in a modern noir setting, creating a luxurious and elegant ambience.

Somehow your senses become more awake when you are surrounded by dark colours, and you can truly feel how the patented features of the Stressless® design offers maximum support for the entire body.

Woman in Strtessless Rome recliner
Man in Stressless Scott motorized recliner
Stressless Scott motorized recliner

Some recliners even have remote-controlled features that allow you to customise the seating experience to an extent where you almost feel like you're floating. Stressless® is all about quality in every detail – the quality you can not only see but also feel

Generous curtains add to the peaceful and intimate atmosphere and work as a beautiful backdrop to the dining room chairs and table. With furniture kept in dark colours you can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the dining area that invites you to lean back and relax, enjoy and engage in deep conversations around the table. With the right mix of interior colours and furniture, you can set the scene for togetherness with family and friends.
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Find your style

Besides keeping a keen eye on the latest developments in trends, materials and  technology, Stressless® designers always aim to refine our winning formula: A combination of aesthetics and functionality that provides  the best looks and comfort available.

Coastal cottage

Step into a classic home by the sea with water and sand at your doorstep where sunlight saturates every room. Large windows let you take in the beautiful surroundings – and from what better place than a recliner or sofa that allows you to lean back and relax in total comfort?
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Modern noir

Dark wood floors, inky walls and full-height curtains serve as a beautiful canvas when creating an intimate and poetic home with a dramatic and stylish atmosphere.
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Urban living

With the big city rushing outside, you will want to create an urban home that serves as a base for you to recharge, reconnect and completely relax. Culture and diversity meet in a metropolis.
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Scandi style

In Scandinavia, nature and the elements have always been sources of inspiration for architecture, interior design and community. Behind the simple designs, there often lies a wealth of details.
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Mountain lodge

In the countryside, open fields and undisturbed views allow you to connect to your own rhythm while observing the rhythm of nature outside your windows.
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