The great Norwegian furniture rush

A Norwegian saying claims that you can create gold from stone. One proof of this is the booming furniture village of Sykkylven.
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A desire for something real

The new Stressless® colour palette reflects our need for reconnecting with the natural world.
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Feel free to feel blue

Bring the magical hour inside, and immerse yourself in its soothing colours for as long as you desire.
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Set the table for an unforgettable evening

The stylist's best tips for decorating your party table are surprisingly simple.
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A timeless classic in a new outfit

Stressless® Reno never goes out of style, and truly shines in this new attire.
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Boost your mood with warm colours

Ready to add some sunshine to your space? Warm up with earthy colours!
Our own trend expert, Janne Muri, swears by the transformative power of warm hues all year round. 🌞
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Taking motorised sofas to new heights

The new and innovative Stressless® Anna sofa is lighter and more powerful – and the result of jumping at the opportunity.

Meet Product Manager Rikke Wold and her team behind our new sofa.
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Comfort meets retro

Named after the city that epitomizes the blend of tradition and innovation, the brand new Stressless® Berlin recliner has already made heads turn.

Why has this recliner made stores all over the world rush to place their orders?
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Supporting the joy of gardening

We are as passionate about nature as we are about our beautiful furniture, so it comes naturally that we are keen to support the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and the wonderful work they do in the UK.
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01 Design

Looking into the crystal ball of colours

When you invest in quality furniture, you probably want to make sure the colour doesn’t go out of style in a few years. Or worse, that the bold colour you saw in the magazine spread just doesn’t look good in your living room. The choice between colours and textures in a Stressless® recliner or sofa is so vast, many use weeks or months pondering over the right choice.
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Like a warm embrace

The Stressless® Reno was launched in 1996, and has since been one of the all-time favourites in the range of recliners from Ekornes.

What is it about this recliner that attracts customers year after year, while others go in and out of style?
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Colours to embrace and uplift 2023

In 2023, rich and harmonious colours will be essential in products and interiors that relieve, reassure and revitalize us. Across all sectors and markets, consumers will be yearning for colour that brings calm and joy. Nature and technology are the leading influences. Here are the key colours for 2023.
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Curves are in our nature

For decades, scientists have been intrigued by the fact that humans seem to have an aesthetic preference for curves over straight lines. Why is this? Is it a learnt preference, or is it evolution?

Some believe it’s simply more pleasing and demands less effort to move your eyes along a curve. Others link it to the neurophysiology of the visual system, after finding that one week old infants fixate longer on curved geometric forms than sharp angled ones.
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03 Sustainability

The future looks wooly

Wool is a natural material that is durable and long-lasting, which makes it a great choice for furniture upholstery. It is known for its ability to regulate temperature, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This makes it a comfortable and practical choice for furniture that you will use every day. Also, wool can be dyed in a wide range of colours, so it can be used to create furniture that matches any decor.

When we went searching for a partner to deliver the finest wool fabrics available, we didn’t have to travel far.
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02 Recharge

The importance of me-time

With the constant demands of our fast-paced lives, it’s easy to forget to take a moment for ourselves. To many of us, a timeout can almost feel like an evasion, when we should be spending our time doing something useful.
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