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Work in comfort

Stressless® Home Office

Working from a Stressless® chair keeps you both agile and supported during long hours.

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Today, many of us experience a more fluid definition of work and where it takes place. Whether you have a dedicated room or reserve a nook in the dining room for your home office, it’s important to stay comfortable. A well-designed chair that actively encourages movement quickly becomes a necessity.

Stressless® Home Office, high back

Find comfort in your home office

All our recliners can be used as home office chairs. The high back models turn into an exclusive, comfortable work base that marries style with the many functions only found in a true Stressless® recliner. The supreme neck support allows you to lie back and rest your head when the e-mails pile up.

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Stressless® Home Office, low back

Balance work and leisure

A flexible solution for the smaller home office, a Stressless® Home Office recliner with a low back fits in just as well in the living room or kitchen as in the study. When the work day is done, it is still the most popular seat in the room! The recliner is designed to adapt to your every move, and allows for long hours of sitting while keeping you active.

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Stressless Rome Home Office

Light and compact

Exquisite Home Office chairs

By choosing a Stressless® Home Office chair that blends in aesthetically, composing a stylish home office is effortless.

The secret behind comfort

Proud caretakers

At Stressless® we are proud caretakers of the beautiful scenery that surrounds our factory in Norway. We wholeheartedly believe the best choice you can make is to furnish your home with high-quality furniture that will last a lifetime. In addition to this, we are delighted to offer products that are made with an extra focus on the environment and sustainability – both in our choice of materials and in our production.

Comfort features

For more than 50 years, Stressless® have developed comfortable design and features based on insights into human anatomy and people’s everyday lives. This has contributed to a large number of patents that have repeatedly set the agenda for the category.
Unique product features

Norwegian design

Norwegian design is defined by the same sense of functionality and quality materials as the broader Nordic design tradition, but along the fjords, our aesthetic sensibility is strongly influenced by the magnificence of nature.
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The sense of care that lies in the hands of our employees is based on generations of knowledge about furniture and on a culture which, for five decades, has been carried by solid principles for the design and processing of materials.
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Stressless® product configurator

It’s time to create

Experiment with colours and materials to add your personal style.

To complete the seating area, we suggest that you combine products from the different Stressless® product categories. The large selection of upholstery, wood finishes and steel details allows you to put together a combination that matches your interior design.