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Ekornes and fabrics

Ekornes offers a large range of fabrics, carefully selected according to strict requirements for environment, resistance, look and touch. We offer a large range of textures and colors to suit every taste, and many of our fabric colors are a good match to the colors in our leather collection.

The many different ways to weave a fabric creates interesting structures. Mixing different types of jarn gives a large selection of looks and properties.  We purchase fabrics from acknowledged manufacturers all over the world and keep up to date on current and coming trends, visiting international fairs and trend seminars.

All our upholstery fabrics meet the requirements of Norwegian for Hard Wear. To meet these requirements, the fabric must pass international tests for:
* Durability (Martindale)
* Light fastness
* Pilling resistance
* Color fastness (wet/dry)
* Fire safety
Some of our fabrics are also Öko-Tex certified.

Regular care
All fabrics in natural, artificial, synthetic or microfibres will benefit from certain simple routines, enabling you to preserve their beauty.  

All fabrics are subject to abrasion from the regular use of the furniture. You will need to dust your upholstery weekly in order to avoid microscopic dust sticking to fibres and increasing the damage to them from abrasion. If this is not done, it will accelerate wear. We recommend dusting with your vacuum cleaner using a curtain or upholstery brush attachment.

Frequently used fabric upholstery must also be cleaned regularly, even when it does not look soiled. If this is not done, soil and sweat will penetrate the fibres and over time cause discoloration and reduce the resistance of the fibres. Start cleaning your fabric as soon you see that regular dusting is no longer adequate. Use the fabric cleaner that comes in the Stressless Fabric Care Kit. Do this to avoid soil and grime penetrating the fibres of your fabric which makes cleaning more complicated. At least once every 3 months, clean all parts of the furniture that come in contact with the body.

Removal of stains
The removal of stains from fabrics is a simple and efficient operation using the Stressless Fabric Care Kit. The vast majority of fresh stains can be removed. The Fabric Care Kit contains specific products for all stains. Do not use other products for cleaning or removing stains from your Ekornes fabric. Ekornes will decline all responsibility in case you used products other than those approved by Ekornes. Stressless Fabric Care Kit can be purchased at your Ekornes dealer. 

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Faron is a bouclé fabric. It has a rough, coarse structure, but still feels soft and comfortable against the skin. The weave of this fabric makes it extremely strong and hardwearing, with good durability. The fabric has an even colour tone, and is available in a broad range of colours.


Karma is flatwoven with multi-coloured thread, which provides a soft and harmonic melange effect and a vivacious appearance.


Linden has a strong structure. The weave includes threads in different shades and with various levels of shine,  which provides attractive, subtle variations in the surface.


Jasmine has a fine, softened structure which makes the surface appealing. We have selected a colour palette in dusty, subdued colours, which can be easily combined with colours from our leather collection.


Calido is a wool felt fabric with an exclusive appearance, which feels comfortable and soft next-to-the skin. It is available in a varied and exclusive colour palette.


Silva is a pure and timeless wool fabric that feels comfortable next-to-the skin. It is available in a muted and classic colour palette.


Ivy is a flat-weave fabric with subtle nuances in the surface. The attractive two-tone effect gives the fabric a comfortable look. Ivy offers excellent durability and is easy to keep clean.


Grace is a velour with a medium length pile. The soft, silky texture provides a fine sheen and an attractive interplay of colours. Grace is hardwearing, comfortable to sit on and easy to keep clean.


Dinamica is a well-known micro fibre-quality fabric, with an appearance that resembles chamois leather. It is soft and very comfortable, breathable and non-static. Easy to keep clean and highly wear resistant.


Dahlia has a slight sheen to its surface, which gives the fabric an exclusive and elegant look. The fabric feels soft, cosy and inviting. The attractive colour palette emphasises the fabric’s classic and timeless appeal.

Stressless® Fabric Care Kit

Instruction on how to clean your Stressless fabric furniture.