Making it Different.

Furniture should be many things: comfortable, beautiful, functional – and also intelligent. Creating furniture that understands the human body’s unique needs became our mission. Through 80 years of experience and devotion, we became masters of this science – constantly striving to create furniture that exceeds expectations of comfort and utility.

Nothing cultivates the optimal seating environment quite like reliable support. Our distinctive Plus™ system – a functional skeleton of springs – interprets your body’s movements as you change positions to provide increased lumbar reinforcement. Lie back into your recliner and feel as your spine slides down the chair and continues to be completely supported. You also sense the unique headrest feature continue to lift your head to provide the most optimal body curvature for relaxation. A simple adjustment releases the headrest to a comfortable, flat position ideal for napping. Now, you can maintain the optimal tilt of the neck to make the most of reading, conversing or sleeping – naturally and effortlessly.

Unrestricted movement is the key to true comfort. The Stressless® Glide system reads your body’s weight and shape to adjust making reclining natural and adaptive – not conforming to any preset recline positions like most recliners. It is equally as important to be able to move in and out of your chair. With our unique swivel base, 360 degree rotation is possible, allowing for a full range of movement. Experience how a simple push of you foot will send you back into your perfect recline position and how turning in your chair happens effortlessly. We understand relaxation, so we made movement intuitive.

Your body’s interaction with a chair is vital to optimal seating experience. You should be able to sit deep into a chair, not on top of it. The Comfort-Zones™ technology lets you do just that. This foam is molded directly over the steel frame with perforated air pockets that allow you to sink entirely into the seat – creating a more soothing experience. A second layer of foam is fashioned above that to form the most comfortable and ventilated seat possible. Together, these features make Stressless recliners unmatched in comfort and adaptability.

Stressless recliners are certainly not the only pieces of this remarkable furniture that can read your body’s movements. For example, our Stressless sofas are equipped with the Ergo Adapt® feature, which allows the furniture to adapt to your seating position. Lean back into the long seat or lie across the couch and feel how this system controls the tilt in the seat to conform to your body’s most relaxed posture.   

Sitting in a piece of Stressless furniture is such a soothing experience, it may be hard to pinpoint exactly which feature is providing natural comfort. Be it the unique system of springs conforming to the curve of your back, the effortless movement you are afforded in every direction or the inventive foam that cradles your body, it is clear that our complete comfort system was designed with you in mind.