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We are called Stressless® for a reason.
The purpose behind this is to remind people what our name truly means. We all recognise and experience our own personal stresses, days busily packed with the essential tasks that life invariably brings.
Stressless® is not solely the name of a product, it’s a solution to a consumer’s need. It is intended to make them stop and think ‘Have we forgotten how to relax? Are we so busy living our lives that we have stopped listening to our bodies telling us to calm down and just put our feet up?’
Consistency is essential in the way Stressless® is presented across international borders and all channels to build a truly global consumer brand..
IT’S TIME FOR Stressless®

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Trade Accounts

Come and visit our Brand Store on Tottenham Court Road

From expert advice on the perfect model for you or a full home restyle. Our in-store Brand Ambassadors are ready to help.

Endless options and tailor-made comfort await. Stressless® furniture is made bespoke from the highest quality leathers, fabrics and woods all crafted at our factory in Norway.
You can contact our team who are on hand to discuss your needs on the details below, or apply for a trade account using the form on the left:
Telephone: 0203 621 9310
Address: 82 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 4TF