Stressless® Sam and Scott: The Ultimate in Comfort

Discover the power of a perfect recline

Discover the Stressless® Sam and Scott recliners and enjoy next-level luxury and comfort at our fingertips. Activate the three built-in quiet motors with the elegant remote control for positioning. Add a heating feature or supplement your relaxation with a light massage to recharge body and mind.

Stressless Scott

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Stressless Sam

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One touch away from perfect balance

The new Stressless® Sam and Scott recliners set a benchmark in terms of comfort. Their synchronized movements provide perfect support for the legs, lower back and neck. Three quiet motors make it easy for the user to find their preferred relaxation position.

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Heating and Massage function

Add heating only or heating combined with a light massage for pure and total bliss. Controlled with an elegant and easy to use remote control which attaches conveniently by a magnet to the armrest.

Comfort at your fingertips

A sleek and intuitive remote control, attached by a magnet at the armrest. It operates each motor individually, independently adjusting the headrest, backrest and footrest. The Home button makes it easy to reset back to a sitting position.

Design, comfort and technology

Both Stressless® Sam and Stressless Scott combine the ultimate technology and comfort with elegant design. Modern shapes and cushioning are enhanced by precise stitching. Sam and Scott recliners are available in all qualities of Stressless® leather and fabric. They are available with two bases, Disc and Sirius, in different materials and colours. A symbol of refinement, the Sam Wood model has a wooden trim under the armrests, enhancing its natural Scandinavian style.

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