Open-Plan living

Open-plan Living

Versatile and harmonious

Looking for open-plan living inspiration? From a kitchen–diner to a home office within a living room, open-plan living is increasingly part of modern life. When decorating a large, open-plan space you need furniture that serves more than one purpose and that blends beautifully together to create the desired visual flow. Stressless® furniture offers comforting and considered design to bring harmony and flow to your open-plan living space.

The comfort of our home

Stressless Dining Laurel low D200 Stressless Madeira T200

Fabric: Silva Dark Beige - Wood: Oak

Create zones with carefully placed furniture

Create zones for relaxing, working, dining and living to create a seamless visual flow to your open-plan space. Use texture and colour to ensure the space feels cosy and carefully position furniture to make the most of natural light. A modular L-shaped corner sofa can help to define the living area. Our sofas are all available in a wide variety of sizes and modules so you can design the seating configuration that’s perfect for you and your family. With options for armrests, headrests, legs and upholstery - Stressless® offers the ultimate in bespoke and multi-purpose furniture for your open-plan home. Explore our sofa collections here

Stressless Stella

in Paloma Copper

Natural materials create a seamless flow

The use of natural materials, such as leather and wood, can help draw boundaries between areas in large, open spaces. Choose sumptuous leather seating for the living zone - as one of the world’s largest premium furniture manufacturers, we maintain the highest standards and offer many types of leathers from the most exclusive and delicate to the more robust. Continue the flow with a Stressless® dining table in natural wood - the gentle and elegant curve of our Stressless® Toscana dining table creates a softened and natural look and can extend by 80 cm making it ideal for working, creating or entertaining. Take a look at our dining tables and chairs here

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