The need for reconnection

Our colour choices for the 2024 collection find inspiration in the need for nurture, care and reconnection with deeper values. The materials and colours we surround ourselves with have become an important part of the narrative of who we really are.

Nuances of green
Stressless Fiona sofa in green

Comforting greens

Green is the colour of tranquillity, harmony and health. It is a key component in designing a calming interior, which is much sought after in today's hectic world.​ We introduced several new greens in 2023 and are adding three new green hues in 2024. Green colours keep their strong presence in the trend picture also for the coming years.

Warm, rich and sumptuous

In 2024, interiors are embracing the opulence of deep colour tones. Shades like Bordeaux, Chestnut, and our new Warm Brown bring a sense of richness, luxury and warmth to spaces.​

Bordeaux exudes a deep, velvety elegance, Chestnut offers a cosy, rustic charm, and Warm Brown brings a refined earthiness. These tones resonate with the desire for both comfort and sophistication in our surroundings.​

Warm rich colors

The colour spectrum introduced shows our commitment to staying in sync with evolving trends. At the same time, our back catalogue of tried-and-true classics stay with us and is as popular and on trend as ever.

Classics and browns
Stressless Reno recliner

Classics and browns​

Looking forward, we focus on bringing some warmth to the earthiest of hues: Brown.​

Tones of mustard, terracotta and rust are added to the classic colour roster, which already contains several browns - safe choices in a timeless interior. ​

Warm neutrals

Warming neutrals

Warm, calming neutrals inspired by wood, sand and other natural materials are a global developing trend. Scandinavian design has utilized these tones for decades, proving their longevity. Even indoor wood panelling is back in style, complementing these tones perfectly.

The timeless charm of earthy tones

Earthy tones evoke a connection with nature, offering comfort and authenticity in our spaces. ​

Our long-lasting palette has a rich selection of leather colours that fit the bill, among them Beige, Almond, Mushroom, and Fog. These tones blend effortlessly, creating a serene ambiance that endures over time.​

The palette also contains several blues, reminiscent of sea and sky, alongside forest and grass greens, rocky and sandy greys, and natural golden tones.

Earthy colors - Stressless®
A highly relevant colour selection

New leather colours


Incorporating textures reminiscent of the natural world, along with a palette that uplifts mood and evokes a sense of earthiness, aims to ground us in our origins.


Batick Milky White

A modern twist on classic white, infused with a warm red tint, reflecting current design trends.
Batick quality for easier maintenance of the light colour.

Paloma Sage Green​

A fresh green shade that brings a touch of nature indoors, enhancing the tranquillity of your space. Same direction as Batick Thyme Green, but with a two-tone effect. A warm and fresh look without being too dominant in a home environment.

Batick Warm Brown

A contemporary earthy colour that blends seamlessly with diverse interiors.
Introducing a modern medium brown to the Batick collection.