New Eco-Friendly Fabric Program

PostedOn New Eco-Friendly Fabric Program

A greener approach: New Eco-friendly fabric program from maker of Stressless seating.

Speaking to the worldwide eco-friendly trend with a nod to comfort, fashion and durability, Ekornes Inc. introduces the International Fabric Collection. The 66 new fabrics, designed to coordinate with Ekornes leathers, are available on all Stressless® and Ekornes® seating.

"Before launching our new fabric collection, the product development team in Norway conducted considerable research about what kinds of fabrics would work across the globe," says Peter Bjerregaard, Ekornes president. "It took close to a year to find the most beautiful, most comfortable, most durable and most health-conscious fabrics available with international appeal. We are thrilled with the results."

In keeping with the company's longstanding commitment to protect the environment, each of the new fabrics meets Ekornes' green standards. "Like other components of Stressless® seating, our fabrics are recyclable," Bjerregaard says. "They also are fire-retardant and manufactured without the use of harmful chemicals in environmentally accredited mills, which protects both consumers and the environment."

Exceedingly durable and easy to clean, the fabrics meet stringent abrasion and color fastness requirements. Each must meet or exceed 40,000 cycles minimum on the and five minimum on the color fastness scale

 At the same time, the fabrics are soft and comfortable. "At Ekornes, we are known as the Innovators of ComfortTM," Bjerregaard says. "Chenilles, velvets, and micro-denier suedes are among the touchable fabrics in our new program." 

With subtle sophistication in a wide range of colors and textures, the new fabrics perfectly complement the 59 colors available among the four grades of leather. Priced at 10 percent less than the lowest grade of leather (with the exception of Dinamica, a micro-denier suede) the fabrics have an upscale feel and provide an abundance of design options.

The International Fabric Collection is organized into five categories: Cocoon, a soft chenille offered in 11 colors; Placidus, a tight-weave chenille in eight colors; Natura, a woven jacquard in 11 colors; Oasis, a velvet with a deep pile in 20 colors; and Dinamica, a micro-denier suede in 16 colors.

"The new fabric program provides our customers with yet another option to personalize their seating," Bjerregaard says. "Because each of the 66 fabrics has been specially selected and approved, consumers can be sure every Ekornes fabric meets the highest standards of design, quality and comfort."