Pupils donating Stressless® chair to rehabilitation centre


On the 11th of April, the 7th grade from Ullavik Skule visited the Stressless factory in Sykkylven.

On the 11th of April, the 7th grade from Ullavik Skule visited the Stressless® factory in Sykkylven. The pupils had been specially invited to visit to the Ekornes factory to make their own Stressless®. The pupils were asked to donate the chair to charity, and decided to give the Stressless® to the new medical rehabilitation center in Sykkylven. 

When 7th graders from Sykkylven municipality visit the Ekornes factory, the company encourages the pupils to find a good cause they wish to support.  During the visit they build their own Stressless® recliner, which is later donated to a charity of their choice.

- Ekornes is a popular company to visit, and we often receive requests from both local and regional schools for children of all ages to come and visit the factory. The scheme in which pupils build a chair for charity is limited to 7th graders in Sykkylven municipality, and its purpose is to make the visit even more interesting to the children. Our aim is to show the pupils what we produce in Sykkylven and how it is done, while making their visit educational, motivational and beneficial to society, says Marketing Consultant Ole Bjørn Roald.

Pupils from primary schools in Sykkylven have previously donated chairs to organisations, club houses, kindergartens, hospitals and nursing homes.