New Stressless Comfort Studio

PostedOn The Stressless Comfort Studio at Ekornes inc.

Ekornes Inc. launches new Stressless Comfort Studio
Somerset, NJ: The Stressless Comfort Studio is designed to put Stressless front and center in retail environments creating an immediate focus to the consumers.  It is designed to create a visual link with our advertising reinforcing to the consumer that they are experiencing the ultimate in comfort.

Ekornes Inc has installed the first prototype of the new Stressless Comfort Studio at their corporate offices in Somerset, NJ.

“By setting up a Stressless Comfort Studio, you are reinforcing the fact that you are an authorized Stressless retailer,” says Peter Bjerregaard, President of Ekornes Inc. “Comfort Studio materials display the same clear and consistent message consumers see all year long in Ekornes advertising to reinforce and heighten our national brand recognition while delivering on our promise of total relaxation.”

The Stressless Comfort Studio has evolved over the years since its first concept launch in 1997. The new studio is built on a long and in-depth respect and know-how in the consumers decision-making process.  By creating distinct interior spaces inside retail stores helps the consumer to visualize the presentation as a solution for their home.

Photo: The Stressless Comfort Studio at Ekornes inc.