Ekornes awarded 2010 Stockman Prize

PostedOn Olav Kjell Holtan

On Wednesday 8 September, Ekornes received the 2010 Stockman Prize in the small and medium-sized companies category.

Ekornes won the prize in its category in 1998 and 2001 as well, and has been among the finalists for the last 5 years.

Ekornes scores high on the following criteria:

- Open, credible and consistent information

- Equal treatment of analysts

- Possibilities to visit the company

- Quality of corporate governance

- Ability to inform about strategy/industrial development

The Stockman Prize is awarded to the listed company in Norway that is best at providing ongoing information about its activities to the financial community and shareholders, and, on the basis of financial analysis principles, is regarded as having published the best annual and interim reports.

The Stockman Prize is awarded by the Norwegian Society of Financial Analysts based on the opinions of all the major brokerage houses and major investors in the Norwegian market.

Photo: Olav Kjell Holtan, Chairman of Ekornes, accepted the 2010 Stockman Prize (Photo: Lasse Lerdahl).