2010 is Chilli Red

PostedOn 2010 is Chilli Red

We have started 2010, a year where Stressless chairs in a bright red color will highlight advertisements and posters from Ekornes.  Each year Ekornes has a new signature color, and this year it’s the color ”Chili Red” that rules.

Attracting attention is the thought behind the choice of a strong color in all Stressless marketing.  In addition, we have experienced that the signature color has a significant recognition effect.  This year, Stressless chairs in the color Chili Red will dominate posters, advertisements and showrooms in all markets where Ekornes is represented. 

In 2009 our signature colour was Lemon yellow, in combination with a fashionable Lilac.  In 2008, Apple Green dominated.  The choice of a signature color, as well as other colous in our leather and fabric collection, is made several months prior to launching them on the markets, and demands that our experts follows closely the trends and signals in the market.