Time for care

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December is a month in which a lot of people make an extra effort to make their homes look good in time for Christmas.  Don't forget to give your furniture a little extra care through cleaning and protection – this means that the furniture will look good for longer. 

Cleaning leather furniture
Surfaces should be wiped with a clean, dry cloth once a week to remove dust.  Dirt should be carefully removed with water or a special cleaning product.  The furniture should be cleaned thoroughly and coated with a protective leather cream at least every 6 months. 

Cleaning textile furniture
Textile furniture should be vacuumed regularly. Stains must be removed immediately.  As soon as you notice that regular vacuuming no longer is sufficient, the furniture must be cleaned with a fabric care product or dry-cleaned professionally.  Pay particular attention to areas that are in direct contact with skin and hair.

Special products for cleaning and protection
Ekornes has developed a special selection or care products for leather furniture and textile furniture.  These products can be purchased from our Locate Dealer

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