Stressless Promotes the Importance of Back Health

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Back pain is a leading cause of missed work and one of the most common reasons for visits to a doctor’s office, according to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA). Ekornes, endorsed by the ACA for Stressless seating, aims to help consumers prevent back pain through ergonomic seating designed to fit varying consumer needs.

“The average furniture is made for a 5-foot-10-inch, 165-pound male; however, only 2 percent of the population fits that baseline,” said Scott Bautch, DC, DACBOH, president of the ACA Council on Occupational Health. “Good furniture with an ergonomic feel that fits a larger part of the population with different posture types and needs is essential.”

Sitting properly requires furniture that fits. When sitting in a chair, the feet need to be flat on the floor, knees slightly higher than the hips and the head directly over the top of the shoulders. Deviating from this neutral posture has consequences ranging from back pain to circulation problems and digestive issues. To help customers of any size find a properly fitted chair, select Stressless recliners are available in small, medium or large sizes.

“We have 100 million people with some kind of pain syndrome in this country. We have to pay more attention to our postures,” said Dr. Bautch. “The body doesn’t tolerate being out of neutral posture very well because it causes the body to work excessively.”

Stressless seating is also equipped with patented comfort technologies for lumbar, back and neck support. Its newest technology is the BalanceAdapt™ system, which gives select Stressless recliners a slight back-and-forth motion designed to simulate rocking. Another important feature is the patented Plus™ system, which articulates with the body’s contour for the ideal lower back and head support in the upright or reclined position.

Whether it is behind a computer, on a cell phone or reading a book, more people are spending large parts of the day sitting. With so much time in this position, it is important to find seating that enhances proper posture at home and at work to make sitting a healthy experience that minimizes stress and dysfunction within the body. Stressless offers home office seating equipped with the same comfort technologies of Stressless recliners to provide day-long comfort at a desk. 

 “We have so much uniqueness with the human frame and spine that having technology that helps adapt the chair to the human being sitting in it as much as possible is very beneficial,” said Dr. Bautch. “As more and more people have the ability to work and sit at home, you really have to think about it. This is your home environment, your life. You will not do as well long-term if you do not take measures to ensure a proper fit now.”

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