Green Guide

Posted On Straumshornet

Explore the Ekornes green guide for facts and insights on our eco-friendly efforts.
At Ekornes we have an enthusiasm for ecological stewardship. In the fjords of Norway, sustainability has always been a part of how we live. We ambitiously plan our manufacturing process to utilize each component efficiently, in facilities that produce a minimal environmental footprint.

This mini guide provides eco-facts and insights into some of the efforts that go into producing furniture that is comfortable not only for you but for the Earth.

Ekornes Eco-Fact #1
We reuse manufacturing byproducts efficiently in order to produce less waste and utilize fewer natural resources to produce our furniture.
For example, the wood chips we generate from production are collected and burned to heat our factories.

Ekornes Eco-Fact #2
We use recyclable materials for our packaging, continuing the cycle of the longevity of resources. 
We also encourage our dealers and customers to reuse and recycle packaging in which their furniture pieces arrive. 

Ekornes Eco-Fact #3
Our intricate, closed-loop steel degreasing system lets us build and clean metal bases without releasing harmful chemicals and toxins into the surrounding air and fjords.

Ekornes Eco-Fact #4
Green materials, such as specially sourced, water-based paints and lacquers provide a high-quality final product for our customers and a lighter touch for the environment.

Ekornes Eco-Fact #5
We strive to produce high-quality, long-lasting pieces. When furniture lasts longer, it needs to be replaced less often, making the most of the precious resources that have gone into its creation.