Experience Stressless Design on Line from the Comfort of your Home

Posted On Experience Stressless Design on Line

Now you can explore and configure your favorite Stressless furniture in 3D from the comfort of your home!

Stressless Design Online is now available for your use to design your Stressless furniture in 3D.  With the help of the Model Designer, Combination Designer and Room Designer you are now able to choose your personal model seating using your personal choice of leather and/or fabric.  Choose the pieces that create your own comfortable sofa  or grouping to fit in your living space.  Exact measurements and product data is available so that you can almost feel the comfort as you view the the completed space you have created all without ever leaving your computer.  All that is left to do is to visit your Stressless dealer with the high resolution image of your new furniture as it will fit into you personal space.