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Nature and Furniture in Norway
Every year Ekornes invites retailers to Norway to see how the Stressless recliner and sofa are produced.  We also get to show them some of the beautiful scenery surrounding the Stressless factory.

This year, retailers from the USA, Belgium, Taiwan, China, Japan and Australia came to visit Ekornes.  We also got a visit from a group of Spanish journalists.

A visit to the Stressless-factory at Ikornnes is a natural part of the program.  It takes a couple of hours to visit the 60.000m2 factory, where our customers can witness the highly automated production and see how many people it takes to manufacture an average of 1,500 seats per day.  They also visit the permanent Ekornes showroom in Ålesund, where the entire collection of Stressless recliners and sofas is displayed.

Norwegian nature

The visit in the factory is impressive to the retailers, and the Norwegian nature also makes quite an impression.  A trip by boat to Geiranger and visit in Ålesund with its Art Nouveau architecture is an exceptional experience.

Photo: A group of 31 American Stressless retailers visited Ekornes in June