Ekornes proudly hosts dealers visits

Posted On Ekornes proudly hosts dealers visits

More than 400 Stressless dealers will visit Ekornes and Sunnmore this summer.

Throughout the summer months, approximately 300 Ekornes dealers throughout the world will arrive among the fjords of Norway to visit the Ekornes factories.

‘We consider these trips to be the most effective marketing there is.  The combination of the nature at Sunnmøre and factory visit with training and information has proven to be very effective, and leaves a long-lasting impression with those who come to visit us’ says Group Marketing Director Runar Haugen.  

In the period from May to September this year, Ekornes will welcome dealers from Germany, Switzerland, Finland, USA, Canada, UK, Norway, France, Belgium, Japan, China and Austria.   

The Stressless®-factory at Ikornnes and the showroom Ekornes Bua in Ålesund are of course the main attractions for the visitors.  We also take the opportunity to show them some of the breathtaking scenery at Sunnmøre.    

There is time for a visit at Fjellstua in Ålesund, with a fantastic view of the town and the surroundings.  Customers are brought by boat to the factory at Ikornnes, and then continue on to famous Geiranger and Union Hotel. 

Photo: Ekornes dealers in Geiranger