Ekornes Promotes Local Charities

Posted On Stressless Sunrise

Ekornes, Inc. Recent Charity of Choice Promotional Campaign
Generates over $335,000 in Non-Profit Contributions

Ekornes, Inc. is pleased to announce the success of the 3rd annual Charity of Choice promotion through it’s dealer/partners. The 7-week promotion generated, minimally, over $335,000 to various charitable organizations.

More than 84 percent of our dealers chose to participate in this promotion. Creating a program that will help sell recliners and benefit organizations in need, is clearly a win-win situation for everyone.

The promotion ran in North America during the holiday season from November 26, 2009 to January 17 and asked consumers to donate $50 to the charity of the dealer’s choice. In return the consumer received $200 off the purchase of a Stressless recliner. Ekornes, Inc. and the dealers shared in the cost of the product discount.