Autumn is drawing in nature

Posted On Autumn is drawing in nature

Autumn is here meaning we can look forward to cosy times indoors. The trend this autumn is an interior influenced by both natural colours and materials.

The season will also be quite rough though, with worn surfaces and often an industrial attitude. With the addition of soft elements such as throws and cushions - and not least a sheepskin blanket, which is the big "must have" this autumn - we can look forward to a wonderful autumn and winter. 

Interior decorator Berit H. Steffenssen says the season's trends can be categorised into different styles: 

Rustic style

Mixed with soft elements, this style creates something for everyone! Different metals are mixed with each other, and the style is created using both curved and rounded off shapes. The use of wood and concrete is clearly apparent, as are handmade products. Different shades of blue together with industrial grey are the colour tones that really dominate this style. With elements of olive green, rust brown mustard and a little red, it's gorgeous! 

Natural style

Classic, clean style with a neutral palette that moves through the colours of nature up and down the colour chart. Everything from cream and beige to brown.  Aged wood mixed with crude materials and many different forms of curves create a cosy, snug style. Nature's own treasure trove is available now, so why not pop out and pick up some cones and sprigs. 

Urban style

Minimalism still rules, but it should have a more feminine expression. It is clean and rigid, though softened up a little by rounder shapes and, not least, more sprightly colours. If you really want to nail this style, throw some blue cushions on a cream coloured sofa placed against a grey coloured wall and add brown woodwork! The colours are grey, beige and strong blue.

Romantic, sophisticated style

Perhaps it's a bit wrong to call this romantic, rather it is a sophisticated style that embraces everything from white and powder pink to more contrasting dark grey and purple.  Here you can express yourself in romantic blonds and mix them with slightly rougher things. Old pictures with ornate, rustic style frames, cake dishes on stems and rustic cheese domes are examples of elements belonging to this style.