Stressless Seating is More Customizable Than Ever

Posted On Stressless Peace Recliner

SINGAPORE (27 July, 2016): European luxury seating company Ekornes recently debuted several new Stressless recliner styles and expanded customization throughout their line, to include three sizes and three different base options.

“Stressless is adaptable to any lifestyle or need. Offering small, medium and large sizing options allow us to deliver a perfect fit to our customers,” said Hui Shi Ong, brand manager. “Pairing this with mix-and-match base options provides a highly personalized way to select furniture.” 

The mix-and-match base options are:

• Signature base with BalanceAdaptTM, offering a comfortable rocking movement from a wood and aluminium base with a modern aesthetic.
• Classic base, providing stability and featuring the iconic wood hourglass base.
• Office base, allowing full mobility on wheels with chrome or wood accent legs.

“Stressless is committed to creating the ultimate seating experience,” Ong said. “Now shoppers can fall in love with a design, size it to fit and select a base that best suits its purpose in the home. Maybe the chair needs to rock a child to sleep, or be a comfortable workspace, or simply provide relaxation. Shoppers can now craft their own personal oasis.”

Stressless recliners are available in more styles than ever before. Styles launching in 2016 include Stressless Live, a recliner which embraces you from the moment you sit down, as well as Stressless President, the classy recliner with timeless contours. To learn more, visit our authorized Stressless dealers.

About Stressless

Stressless recliners are made in Norway by Ekornes ASA, one of the world's leading furniture manufacturers. Since 1971, Stressless has offered tailored comfort through patented technology and lumbar support systems designed to match the changing contours of the back. Ekornes participates in the UN Global Compact to protect the environment.