Stressless Recliners

Enjoy a free upgrade from your Stressless® classic base recliner to a Stressless® signature base recliner.


A free upgrade from your Stressless® signature base recliner to a NEW Stressless® power leg and back recliner.

Save up to €350 on Stressless recliners

Upgrade to Signature or Power for FREE!

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Save up to €589* on Stressless Scott

Free Upgrade to Heating & Massage*

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Stressless Power Sofas

Enjoy a free power upgrade* from the NEW Stressless Emily and Stressless Mary fixed back to the innovative convenience of power; personal adjustment of back, neck and leg support

Stressless Emily

The contemporary design of the soft enveloping cushions invite you to sit down and relax

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Stressless Mary

With its gentle curves and generous look, the Stressless Mary sofa is designed and built for a lifetime of comfort

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Stressless Stella & Dining

Get a free Stella headrest with the purchase of 2 seats*

Get the Stressless Bordeaux dining table with the purchase of 4 or more chairs*

Stressless Dining

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Stressless Stella

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