Function: Stressless® Power

Stressless® Power

The integrated footrest has a slim design, elegantly concealed beneath the seat. Provide support for your legs and extend the footrest outwards by lightly pushing a button under the armrest. The footrest is designed to follow the natural angle of your feet and can be adapted to different leg lengths, extending longer than most other footrests on the market. It is easy to get off the chair, even when the footrest is extended. The backrest also has motorized Plus™-system for ultimate ease and comfort. Use the set of buttons found under the armrest next to the footrest buttons.

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Stressless® recliners with Power

Stressless recliners with Power

Why Stressless?

Stressless® furniture is the most comfortable seating in the world. A bold statement, yes, but one that is very much true. The difference lies in our patented comfort technologies.

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