Stressless Provides Comfort after the Storm

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On October 29, Hurricane Sandy brought hurricane-force winds and very high currents to the shoreline areas of the Eastern seaboard of the United States.  The effect of the full moon provided serious swelling of the ocean waters and left many people homeless and caused businesses to close their doors to rebuild and restock after such devastation.

Oskar Huber is a Stressless dealer located in Ship Bottom, NJ which is on Long Beach Island where tremendous damage occurred.  Many joined in to start the clean up of the debris so that contractors can start to help rebuild this shoreline area.  National Guard troops patrolled the island during and immediately following the hurricane and Oskar Huber rewarded them for their efforts.  “Nothing but the best seats in the house for them”, commented Bob Huber as the soldiers enjoyed the comfort of Stressless after a long ordeal.

Nation Guard in Stressless at Oskar Huber after storm
Nation Guard in Stressless Chairs at Oskar Huber after the storm.