Industrious Robot Retires

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One of Ekornes' most industrious co-workers is bidding farewell in August.  He has 80,000 work hours behind him.  He has worked around the clock for 11 years and polished nearly 3,5 million chair legs.  It sounds humanly impossible, and so it is!

We are in fact talking about a robot, one of many in Ekornes' Stressless® factory at Ikornnes, Sykkylven, in Norway.  80,000 work hours is a very high number for a robot, and it's even more impressive that this number was achieved in just 11 years.  This means that the robot has worked around the clock every single weekday, and done some weekend work, too. 

Automation beyond what is common
- We installed several robots of this type in 2001, said Project Manager Jens Arne Strandabø.  - They polish the laminated wood chair legs, and it is not common to automate this operation to the degree that we have done. 

Having 11 years of experience with polishing robots comes in handy now that the trusty robot will be replaced by a new one.  Its replacement will be even more effective and durable, and just as its predecessor, it has been programmed by Ekornes' own employees.