Like Stressless® you weren't born yesterday

Creating a comfortable home sanctuary where you can rest and recharge in your downtime is an important factor in your wellbeing as you get older, by Marina Roussel.

In the 21st century, a new breed of “perennials” are rejecting age stereotypes and staying busy and active throughout their later years as they work, exercise, and travel for longer.
Free from the daily commitments of raising a family and managing a hectic full-time career, they can change course and branch out in new and exciting ways.  
If you’ve embarked on this stage of your life, you know that it also brings challenges. You need to balance activity with relaxation by creating a comfortable sanctuary where you can rest and recharge in your downtime. 
Setting up your home to support you, and surrounding yourself with quality furniture, is an important part of staying comfortable, healthy, and active as you get older.
Stressless® has a rich history spanning 50 years. It recognises the benefits that generations of experience and knowledge bring, and it shows in the craftsmanship and innovation present in every single piece of furniture design.

Creating a home sanctuary
In Scandinavian culture, “hygge” and “friluftsliv” are about the importance of connecting with both our natural and home environments to achieve wellbeing.
“Friluftsliv” is the Norwegian concept of “open-air living” where family members of all ages get outdoors regularly to explore and enjoy their natural surroundings regardless of the weather. 
This love of the great outdoors is balanced by “hygge” or the search for cosiness, contentment, and wellbeing in the home. It’s about finding moments of relaxation and creating a soothing, stress-free sanctuary after the activities of the day.
Inspired by nature and made in the beautiful headquarters set alongside the Norwegian fjords, Stressless® armchairs, recliners, and sofas provide the ultimate in luxurious comfort and the perfect choice for your home sanctuary.

When you sink into the deep-seated comfort of one of their iconic recliners like Stressless® Sam or Scott, you’ll experience an unparalleled feeling of comfort. One-touch remote allows you to adjust the footstool, headrest, and back support to achieve the ultimate personalised seating comfort.
Stressless® sits at the pinnacle of ergonomic excellence and is the only seating brand to have earned an exclusive endorsement from the Australian Chiropractors Association.
Timeless designs that defy trends
There are some pieces of furniture that work regardless of the style of home they’re in, giving them an edge over the latest fashions that come and go.
Stressless® is part of a long tradition of Scandinavian furniture craftsmanship and its products are perfect examples of this sort of timeless design.
With cues taken from nature, Stressless® produces furniture using carefully selected leather, wood and steel materials that rise above trends and sit seamlessly within a range of interior design styles.  
And though premium quality generally comes at a higher price, you will have a product with the staying power and long-lived appeal that is well worth the additional investment.
Buy less, buy better
You’ve earned the right to spoil yourself with life’s little luxuries and understand the benefits of investing in a timeless and quality piece of furniture. 
You know that it’s far wiser to choose premium, long-lasting pieces that leave a better legacy for the planet over cheaper, less durable ones that are destined for landfill and need to be constantly replaced.
A Stressless® product represents a desire to simplify, to adopt a philosophy of “less but better,” and to invest in quality that will last a lifetime.
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