The Slow Approach to Buying the Best Furniture

Top tips on how to slow down your furniture consumption and buy the best, by Marina Roussel.

Slow consumerism is on the rise

Slow consumerism – the idea of buying ethically produced items for their quality and longevity has gained a huge following over the last decade.

Farmers' markets are replacing supermarkets as a means of shopping and we’re flocking to buy sustainably grown produce and quality food ingredients.

We shift away from companies that use sweatshops to produce badly made fast fashion inevitably end up in landfills, and prefer to support small-scale, ethically produced clothing labels.

What is slow furniture?

We've all become familiar with slow food and slow fashion. The same way of thinking that favours quality over quantity is now making a mark in the world of furniture and home decorating.

It’s all about lowering your environmental impact and carbon footprint by decorating your home with items that will last. It opposes buying “on trend” pieces that are often of a poorer quality – ones that you want (and need) to constantly replace.

How to slow down your furniture consumption:

Just as they’re embracing the slow way of doing things in other areas of their lives, consumers also want advice on how to furnish their homes sustainably and in a way that the next generations of their family can enjoy.

Here are the top tips on how to slow down your furniture consumption and buy the best:

Take your time to buy

It’s tempting to purchase from online furniture superstores where everything is available in a few clicks and delivered to your door in record time.

This approach often leads to buyers regret, leaving you with items you don’t truly love and are tempted to throw out or replace before their time. In addition, many of these mega-stores are in the business of providing cheap, mass-produced rather than quality products.

One way to combat this is to take your time, research your options and make a considered decision before you buy. Furniture is a major purchase that needs to be thoughtfully approached.

Reject the trends and choose timeless designs

As tempting as that trendy sofa or set of chairs may seem when you first spot them online or in a glossy magazine, chances are you probably won’t be quite as in love with them six or twelve months down the track when fashions have changed.

Choosing classic, timeless pieces, like the Stressless® Emma, a classic modular sofa with a range of customisable options, will stand the test of time and save you the heartache of having to part with your purchase sooner than you’d hoped for (and it’s kinder to your bank balance as well!).

Buy durable furniture that’s made to last

Inferior quality materials are widely used in modern furniture production and are the major case of furniture which warps, breaks, and becomes unattractive in a frustratingly brief period of time.

Sadly, many businesses intentionally manufacture products with a limited lifespan in order to prop up their bottom line by encouraging an endless cycle of replacement.

How to end this cycle?

Research and support businesses that use more durable raw materials and process them in a way that provides a superior end product.

Stressless® is committed to sustainably produced slow furniture

When you buy furniture, it’s important to consider value over price. Slow furniture may cost a little more in the short term, but it’s well worth the extra expense for an item that lasts and that you’ll love for years to come.

The Stressless® brand represents 50 years of furniture craftsmanship and design excellence. They’ve built a business that has had the same staying power as their iconic, Scandinavian designs.

When you choose a product like the 50th Anniversary Stressless® London on the limited edition Original Base, or the new Stressless® Sam or Scott power recliners, you know you’re getting the best of “slow” furniture which will last a lifetime.

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